Assurance Services


Traditionally assurance services have been classified as audit, review, and compilation services. Cromwell & Company provides a wide range of assurance services to clients. The level of service the client requires will depend on what the organization’s stakeholders require of management. We will work with you to obtain an understanding of your business and how our services will help you to satisfy the requirements of your organization’s stakeholders.

Some of the less common assurance services include but are not limited to:

  • Agreed Upon Procedure Engagements
  • Financial Forecasts& Projections
  • Reporting on Pro-Forma Financial Information
  • Compliance Attestation
  • Reporting on the Controls of Service Organizations

As you can see, assurance services are broad in scope. The following pages outline in more detail the traditional audit, review, and compilation assurance services. However, if your organization requires any of the above assurance services in additional to the traditional audit, review, and compilation procedures, please feel free to contact us.